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Cancer Cell

In April 2010, Dr. Matsumura and his colleagues at the ALIN Foundation announced an historic achievement: all cancer patients treated with the SEF Chemo® in 2006 not only went into remission, but remained cancer-free without the toxic side effects normally associated with chemotherapy.  The longest survivor is a breast cancer patient with liver metastasis who remains without cancer over a decade later.  Conventional chemotherapy considers such stage 4 not curable.  Other patients who went into long term remissions had lung cancer and leukemia.  Lung cancer patients with today's conventional chemotherapy still die under a year.  The chance of such dramatic and consistent results happening without this new therapy is calculated at one in a trillion.

Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy®, as the new therapy is called, has continued to deliver stunning achievements since.

A Norwegian hospital administrator with colon cancer that had spread extensively to the liver and the lungs went into complete remission after only two biweekly treatment with Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy® (SEF is pronounced “safe”- Chemo®).  He remained free of colon cancer two years later.  An Australian pancreatic cancer patient with a large 10 cm liver metastasis went into remission after four biweekly treatments.


Cancer Cell

In an effort to explore how broad a spectrum of efficacy SEF Chemo® has, more and more types of cancer have been treated.  Although clinical experience with this therapy is considered nascent, the high response rate of 88% and results showing the therapy's ability to eradicate cancer types considered untreatable, including hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer), remove it from the anecdotal category.  So far, strong efficacy has been shown to lung (non-small cell), breast (estrogen-receptor positive and triple negative), colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, cervical, and prostatic cancers which represent most of the cancers that plague humankind today.

The new therapy appears to be consistently reliable and far superior to anything else available today.  Only time will tell if our long term remissions will turn into cures.

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